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prepaid service

Registration applies to all prepaid service numbers using Plus na Kartę and Plus Internet na Kartę tariffs.

REGISTER: • Visit a Plus or a Cyfrowy Polsat store • Visit RUCH newsagent's shops across Poland Find us
BRING: • your ID card or passport as well as the SIM card number with you

Register without leaving your home!

You have bought a new prepaid starter which is not active yet?

From a postpaid phone, send the following free SMS to number 80106:
• the number of your prepaid phone
• the SIM card serial number (you will find this number in the starter kit)

Np.: ZAREJESTRUJ 601100200 141528061628

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Why do you have to register your prepaid phone number?

The duty of registering prepaid phone numbers, which was introduced on 25 July 2016, i.e. the duty of providing your personal data and their confirmation by a provider of telecommunication services, stems from the adopted anti-terrorist law. The duty applies to the subscribers of all providers of telecommunication services.

I am a minor. How should I register my prepaid SIM?

All owners of SIM cards who are at least 13-years-old and are holders of documents confirming their identity may register their SIM cards by themselves.

What data do I have to provide?

First and last name, PESEL personal number, if you have one, or in the absence of this number – number and series of a document confirming your identity (an ID card, a passport). A foreigner who is not a citizen of a EU state or of Swiss Confederation must indicate the number of his/her passport or residence card.

Who can register a number?

Anyone who owns a prepaid number, is at least 13-years-old, and is holder of an ID card or a passport.

Who will be storing my personal data obtained during the registration process and what are my rights?

The data which you provide while registering your phone number will be stored by Polkomtel Sp. z o.o. with registered office in Warsaw, at no. 4 Konstruktorska Street, 02-673 Warszawa. Polkomtel Sp. z o.o. is the administrator of your personal data according to the Act on the Protection of Personal Data of 29 August 1997 (for consolidated text see Journal of Law of 2015, item 2135 as subsequently amended). Your personal data is processed by the company for the purpose of fulfillment of the duties imposed by the Anti-terrorist Act (Journal of Law of 2016, item 904). The data is provided by a Subscriber voluntarily, however it is indispensable to enable provision of telecommunication services. Polkomtel Sp. z o.o. guarantees fulfillment of your rights under the Act on the Protection of Personal Data, i.e. it enables Subscribers to access their own personal data and the possibility of introducing changes/corrections, as well as the right to file, in the cases listed in the Act on the Protection of Personal Data, a justified request for discontinuation of processing of a Subscriber's own data. The request must be filed in writing