This is an English version of our information package for existing and prospective Clients of Plus, both individuals and corporations. The package is somewhat shorter than its Polish counterpart, since we wish to select essential information for foreigners.

Plus is one of three major mobile telephony networks in Poland, providing its services under trade names of Plus (postpaid services), Simplus (prepaid), MixPlus (mix of postpaid and prepaid services), iPlus (wireless Internet access) and Sami Swoi (prepaid). The distinguishing features of its business are: top efficiency, innovative services, customer care.

Plus covers 99% of the area of Poland, provides services to almost 14 million customers, operates in the GSM 900 and DCS 1800 systems and offers services in UMTS standard.

The Plus network was the first in Poland - and one of the first in the world - to implement CAMEL technology, which is part of 3G mobile telephony resources. Its application will enable customers to use services in international roaming which are currently available only in the home network.

Polkomtel S.A. is one of three mobile telephony operators in Poland, marketing its services under five brand names: Plus, Simplus, and Sami Swoi, iPlus and MixPlus.

Polkomtel has pioneered innovative GSM-technology-based services on the Polish market. Among other notable achievements, it was the first company to offer MMS messaging, voice-based access to text messages (SMS), and GPRS and EDGE based data transmission services. In September 2004 Plus was the first operator in Poland to launch 3G mobile telephony services including UMTS.

How to become a PLUS subscriber?
In order to become our subscriber you need to visit one of our Plus showrooms or a shop of our Authorised Dealer (see Points of Sale) and submit documents required to conclude a service contract.
If you are a subscriber to our network, all you need is your identification document. Where the contract is concluded by a person delegated by the president of a company, board of management, director of a government agency, etc., you need power of attorney to conclude a service contract with Polkomtel S.A. on behalf of your company.
If you are not our subscriber, you need to submit a few documents.
Foreigners who wish to conclude a service agreement may do so in person or by proxy (power of attorney certified by a notary public).

Documents required:
- passport
- permanent residence document (including Client's name, address, and date of birth)
- address for correspondence in Poland
- official confirmation of Client's personal data
- power of attorney (if the contract is concluded by proxy)

If the contract covers roaming and international calls, the Client is required to pay a deposit under Article 8, paragraph 3 of the General Regulations.